AI Chat Setup Demos

AI Chat Setup Demos

Medical AI Chat Demo (Default English)

The website of Bulgaria’s most recognized plastic surgeon, where healthcare, aesthetics and array of procedures designed to enhance appearance and boost self-confidence blend in together. Whether it’s surgical or non-surgical, the services cater to individuals seeking wellness and self-improvement through cosmetic enhancements.

HR Agency AI Chat Demo (Default English)

A website of one of the top HR companies in Bulgaria. The agency specialize in improving workforce efficiency, finding talent and helping businesses grow. The website offers insights into their services and commitment to excellence in HR solutions for businesses seeking better performance.

School AI Chat Demo (Default Bulgarian)

The website is about a vocational school for woodworking called “PGVAD “Hristo Botev”. It provides information about the school, its programs, admission requirements, and available courses. Additionally, the website may also include news, events, and other relevant information related to woodworking education

Business Community AI Chat Demo (Default Bulgarian)

The website is about promoting genuine Bulgarian honey from local producers. They have a mission to protect bees using smart technologies and innovative solutions. Their focus is on supporting beekeepers and ensuring clean, healthy food by monitoring and guaranteeing the quality and origin of honey. They also develop sensor technology to help beekeepers care for their bees sustainably and provide insights into bee colony health. The platform supports Bulgarian beekeepers in selling their honey at fair prices while aiding consumers in obtaining 100% genuine honey.